Residential Fire Detection Systems

Residential Fire Detection Systems

Fire Detection and Monitoring

Fire Code is complicated; let Chorus guide you through, with simple and effective solutions to your fire alarm needs.

Our Fire Systems whether incorporated with your alarm system or stand-alone, are “state of the art”. We hold the highest standard when dealing with fire detection. You can rest assured when choosing Chorus your loved ones, property, and assets will have a more sufficient level of detection.



24 hours a day 365 days a year burglar and fire alarm monitoring

Monitoring through Phone, Internet, and the Cellular Network

Receive notifications via text and email messages

Control your system with your smart phone

Back up Central Station in Colorado Springs

Monitoring as low as $19.95

24 hour technical support

Nationwide Monitoring

Local Monitoring

The highly – trained staff at the UL & 5 Diamond Approved Monitoring Center is dedicated to providing you with the most responsive and reliable monitoring service possible. We want your security system to provide you with the best protection and peace of mind. To help reduce false alarms we call the home and cell phone numbers to verify the alarm before dispatch, but below are some tips you can use to help keep false alarms down.

  • 1 Become familiar with how to operate the system and how to use its features.
  • 2 Please read and retain the operator’s manual for your security system.
  • 3 Make sure everyone who has a key to your home or business knows how to operate the security system.
  • 4 Rehearse alarm cancellation with everyone who might use your system.
  • 5 If your system does not seem to be working properly, call Chorus immediately to get help.
  • 6 Remember to keep your numbers and contact information up to date.
  • 7 Test your system monthly.