Affordable and Simple Home Automation

If you have gotten this far in our website and haven’t view this video now is the time.


Finally, Easy to use and affordable home automation that works

For years we have dabbled with home automation, and unless you wanted to spend tens of thousands of dollars the tech just was not that good. You had a different app for everything and had to have a little bit of geek in you to reset or reprogram things or pay for a service call. has put the best devices in to one app and they all work together. Using the Qolsys IQ2+ as a hub the alarm works with all our smart devices.

There is more then I could explain with just words. Watch the video and call us for a discussion. We love to geek out on this but will keep it simple.

Automate your Alarm, Door locks, Garage door, Lights, Appliances, Thermostat, Video cameras, Sprinkler system so things work together in a simple way on all on one app.