High-Tech Security and Surveillance Systems for Businesses

Commercial Video Cameras

Don’t buy old video monitoring tech. We use Video cameras that do a lot more then recorded what happened. Now they can be incorporated in with your security and work in a proactive monitoring role.

See who is disarming your system, have a text or email (with video clip) sent to you when someone use a door that should not be opened, props open a door or takes to long of a smoke break. Yes, with today’s video analytics you can do that and much more. Sure, you still can have 24/7 recording and live view but now the with analytics you can have your cameras supervise activities and behaviors when you can’t.

Our system uses 256-bit encryption, can back up events to the cloud and unlike most cannot be hacked. Call and we will send one of our knowledgeable specialists to your place for an evaluation. We will not pressure you for a sale, we don’t even bring a contract or collect money during a evaluation. We only want to understand you needs and help you design a video solution for you and your budget.

Smarter Video Solutions

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